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Scaling Tech companies with Tech Innovators


From the most unicorn of technical roles in software engineering, computer vision, and GTM support, through to business operations and C-level talent selection, we can support you. 

Our success stems from our experience working with some of Europe & US’s most ambitious AR tech innovators, scaling them up from small start-ups to successful scale-ups by tackling the first issue: talent.


Backed by our strong industry internal expertise with ambitious tech innovators, we effortlessly integrate with your company culture, acting as an extension of you, rather than an external company. We work closely with both organizations and individuals to turn ideas into tangible achievements and new hires. Our keen approach to problem-solving is driven by a deep understanding of values and ambitions.

Our approach covers both the individual and the collective, allowing us to not only supercharge your team but also fuel your future successes, and provide a fulfilling and smooth process for everyone involved, from start to finish.


It’s about much more than simply filling a role: we decode briefs that align with your company's mission and vision, all the while understanding and enhancing your distinct narrative. Our specialty lies in identifying and engaging individuals who effortlessly blend into your organizational culture.

FOR candidates

With Jojaru Recruitment, our approach is all about helping you become the best version of yourself. We take the time to understand each candidate's unique motivations and guide them on their path to unlocking their full potential.

John Hall

Founder of JOJARU

John started Jojaru Recruitment on the basis that connecting tech talent with emerging and exciting new tech should be done the right way, using his 11+ years of experience to build meaningful partnerships with both candidates and clients to understand the needs of both.

John’s passion for supercharging tech companies and moving individuals forward, combined with his history of delivering results, based on a collaborative approach, guarantees a recruitment experience that’s all about people.